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Cancellation Policy


You may cancel your membership at any time for any reason

Membership cancellations means that your membership will end
You won't be charged again but do not include any refunds.

When you cancel your account, you permanently lose access to your company entire profile, to your invoicing data and all of your company data. Your login and password will no longer work on this site.

How do I cancel my membership online?

Simply, call our support team and follow the detailed instructions. Please note that cancellations should not be considered confirmed until you have received a Cancellation Confirmation e-mail from Alphacompanyformations.com. If you cancel a membership but do not receive a Cancellation Confirmation e-mail from Alphacompanyformations.com within 24 hours, please contact again our Support center.

How do I reconnect my cancelled membership?

Simply with no extra charge if reconnection will be in 60 daily days from membership cancellation date and with the entry fees charge after this date.

Call our support team and follow the detailed instructions.


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